Things I Learned from my Grandma…

Over the weekend I went back to California to attend my grandmother’s funeral, Jean White.

She was the ripe age of 95. And was the last of my living grandparents, my mother’s mother. My immediate family had a special bond with Jean not only because she was with us the longest but because for the last 12 years she has lived with my parents. We loved her dearly.

The priest of the service had a great message about Jean and about life. Funeral’s are a great time to reflect and appreciate the wonderful memories we had with grandma but also help you reflect on your life and the example our Jean had on us.

The time spent in CA and attending the funeral got me to reminisce about this wonderful women who I learned some great characteristics from that I would like to share with you.

Have Your Priorities Straight. 
Jean was a mother of 5. Had several side businesses. Kept a clean and tidy home. And was a 2nd mother to many of her children’s friends. Regardless of how ‘busy’ she was she always made time for what was important to her; Faith, Family, Friends and her health. No matter what she had on her plate for the day she made sure the things that needed to get done, got DONE! Everything else would work out.

Stay Calm. Especially Under Pressure.
Grandma was always the coolest and calmest person in the room. Always exuded love and confidence. Something I admired from her at an early age. She had taught me that you can only have one emotion going on at any given time. You can have hate in your heart or love but not both. When you are calm and in control, no matter how big the obstacle in your way is you have the best chance to make the best decisions.

Believe in Others. 
My Aunt who spoke the eulogy. Said something that rang very true about my grandmother. She always encouraged us to go for our goals and dreams, no matter if you were a male/female, tall/short, educated/not. She believed so much in her faith and in herself she passed that very gift of belief on to her family, friends and acquaintances.

These lessons can definitely help us improve our health and wellness but even more so help us with all major aspects of our lives we are leading.


Who has influenced you in your life? How?

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The O-Board Says…

Every Minute On The Minute (EMOTM) 5 Minutes;
40 seconds of Toes to Bar

Rest 1 Minute

EMOTM 5 Minutes;
40 Seconds of KettleBell Snatch

Rest 1 Minute

EMOTM 5 Minutes;
40 seconds of Pistols (Air Squats)

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