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Upcoming 1st Competency Course… Paleo Challenge

What does competency create in your life? Knowledge, skill, empowerment, confidence… You get the idea. Health and FITness is more about the mind and the emotions rather than the actual physicality of training. The competency you create with your nutrition habits now put yourself in a position to thrive for the rest of your lives… I’m talking PERMANENT RESULTS! The purpose of this upcoming nutrition challenge is not only have you attain physical results for the now, but be empowered for the future.

Here is the latest.

-It is a 7 week challenge (September 21st & Ends November 9th).
-We will have 3 winners for most improved and one for spirit of the challenge.
-We currently have 4 sponsors and have a few more great one’s on the hook.
-Every Monday we will have a classroom style meeting.

Some of the topics to look forward too…
How do I plan out my meals?
I have no time!
Eating healthy is expensive.
How to eat out, have a social life and still stay on a healthy plan.
How do I explain Paleo to my friends and family?
And many more to come…

Labor Day Schedule and Fun Workout

Join us on September 2nd, 9:30AM for a special Holiday Workout (no cap of this class). We will also have a YogaFIT class following at 10:45a. Make sure you wear Red, White and/or Blue or it’s burpees for you! Both classes are updated on the scheduler.

Supplement Pre-Order

We will be sending you an email regarding our 1st Pre-Order through Stronger Faster Healthier. Look out for it in your inboxes.

The Latest New Class Themes…

Did you make it to last Friday’s Seal FIT PT Grinder? Have you experienced the ‘2 Faced’ Class yet? What about our Yoga FIT? We have some more cool ideas in the works.

Sound off your thoughts in the comments…

Today’s Workout:

Five sets of:
A. 5 Sets for QUALITY:
Deadlift x 5-7 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Kettlebell Swings x 20 reps
Rest 20 seconds
Push-Ups x 15-20 reps
Rest 3 minutes

B. For time:
Row 2000 Meters or 1 mile run for time

Post by Chris.