Throw Back Friday’s… Act As If…

A great ‘Behind’ Behind the scenes shot.

It is very typical when you are going to achieve a goal to take a look at where you are today, plan and set goals to where you want to be in the future.

A trick that I have learned that can work just as well is to work a goal backwards, by looking at your future ideal self and plan backwards to where you are today.

Act As If is a great way to approach this. Enjoy…


Bottom line is, where ever you WANT to be, you need to start acting like it…RIGHT NOW! Visualize when you are at your goal weight, goal income, accomplishing the things you dream of. Who will you be? And how will you think?

Visualize, think it, be it, get it

Start doing that now and you will start moving in that direction today. If you continue to focus on the things that are stopping from moving towards where you want to be…then you will do exactly that, NOT move forward.