Throw Back Friday’s… Just Pull the Damn Trigger…

Don’t think too much, Just JUMP, Snatch and Land!

This week’s Throw Back Friday’s post, JUST PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER, is one of my favorites for those of you that have a really hard time making a BIG TIME Decision for your life to get better. It’s hard to a make bold moves to better ourselves, it is easy to make excuses to not go through with them. Learn how to make it happen on this one. Enjoy… And show some comment love:-)


Walking down the ‘mean’ streets of Sherman Oaks

Listen Up! I got really fired up last night!!!

We all have goals. We all have dreams and bucket lists. But the problem is we all have EXCUSES! What fires me up is when I watch people (that I truly care about) consciously stop themselves from succeeding through life.

People like to talk…and talk…and talk about what they ‘want to do’ OR what they are ‘gonna do’ and end up not doing anything.

If you truly want to get everything out of life (the goals we truly want to attain and the dreams we have for ourselves) you are going to have to step out of that ‘comfort zone’ you’ve created. And its gonna hurt, you are going to be scared and nervous, people will question you, you will question yourself, it is not going to be fun for a while.

So lets say you are really ready to go for it and nothing is going to stop you…And then for whatever reason (excuse) you don’t.

Why does this continue to happen to you?!