Throw Back Friday’s… The Best Way To Be Your Best

Eat your heart our Ron Burgundy

Sometimes to become better it takes us to let go of the pre-existing things, feelings, events, friends, etc…

To know exactly what I’m talking about read this weeks Throw Back Friday Post… THE BEST WAY TO BE YOUR BEST below.



Surrounding yourself with people that are better than you.

The people we surround ourselves with determine how we think, speak and act. They will LIFT you up or PULL you down.

“Well duh!” So how do I find better people to hang out with. A lot of the time it starts with YOU first. I found a great list to go by from: Jason Seidan

  • Let go of judgment. The first step in recognizing talent is recognizing talent! You can only do this if you are able to put aside your own issues and prejudices and see others for who they are. ie, if you’re starving, any chef is a 4 star chef. You’ve got to be able to compensate for your own “schtick” when assessing others.
  • Let go of ignorance. Sifting through the self-promoters to get to what’s real requires that you have some education about the world around you.
  • Let go of jealousy. If you’re jealous of what they’ve got, you’ll feel it, they’ll feel it, and badness will be inevitable.
  • For the FULL list click on THIS