Throwback Thursday – Gym Hair!

Throwback Thursday – Gym Hair!

Out of Control Gym Hair!

I wanted to repost a fun blog this week. We see some pretty crazy hairstyles at CPM. Most of the craziness comes from a big double under day or perhaps box jumps. At least that’s when my hair gets the craziest. I’ve even see a couple guys (ok, 2 guys) sport headbands this summer. Is this a new trend? It is. Should you be doing it? Depends. Will I recommend it to my husband? Probably not.


Headbands are awesome at the gym. They keep the sweat out of your eyes, hold your hair back (especially ladies with bangs) and they are comfortable. Like I said above, it’s even “in style” for guys to wear them now too.

headband1  headband2  headband3  headband4

headband5  headband6  headband7

Ponytails & Messy Gym Buns

I’m a big fan of the ponytail. I’ve had short hair several times in my life. I like it but it’s tough to maintain with a job at the gym. I wish I could do a better braid ponytail but my layered hair doesn’t allow for that.

ponytail1  ponytail2  ponytail3

gymbun1  buns1  buns2  gymbun2


If I tried this, it would be a disaster…


Thoughts this was funny…


Goal is to not look like this…


And last, I accidentally searched for Ponytail Brad instead of Ponytail Braid. So I thought I should share the first pic that popped up 🙂


If that hair starts to get crazy, just let it go! And I’ll try to have my phone ready to go to catch the action ?



The Oboard Says..
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Part B.
For time:
50 Wallballs
15 cleans
50 Wallballs
10 cleans
50 Wallballs
5 cleans

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