Time 4 Your Deets…

This Weeks Deets are listed in order of preference…

1. Bring A Friend Week Jan 20th – Jan 26th

Motivate and Inspire others. Share your positive experiences and results with those close to you. And believe it or not, one the BEST ways to improve yourself is to help others. Here is EXAMPLE 1 and EXAMPLE 2

January 20th (Monday) at 7:30p: CPM Monthly Open House

  • The coaches go over who we are, what we do, and why we’re different
  • We talk about the Bring a Friend Week
  • We get to meet your friends
  • We’re going to run everybody through a group baseline so the coaches can assess their fitness ability and your friends get a preview of how our workouts will look and feel before they start their first official classes.
  • Come with your Friend(s) and Re-Test (or take for the 1st time) our Baseline Workout

January 22 – 25 (Wednesday – Saturday)

  • Partner themed workouts
  • If you’ve been to Saturday morning at 9:30, think something similar
  • Workout with your friends in a team
  • Don’t just tell your friends what you’ve been doing, bring them in and SHOW them!
  • If you’re thinking… wait, wait, wait, what about these class sizes?! Please don’t worry too much, we are designing these workouts to be able to accommodate more people.

2. More Classes + New Classes

It’s official…

*More YogaFIT Classes.
-5:30am every Tuesday morning. First class begin January 28th.
-Noon every Friday. First class begins January 31st.

*CPM Grind… formerly know as Mental Toughness FIT Class (MT FIT)
8:30am every Saturday starting Feb 1st.

*Rowga. Our 1st class will start Wednesday January 29th at 11am. And be every Wednesday at 11am. More class times are developing for the future.

3. More to come in the near future…

Shower update, next challenge, your CDA roster, even MORE classes coming. Stay plugged into Thursday’s.

The O-Board Says…

A. PT Grinder for 30min

B. ʺBeat dat Clockʺ
minutes 1-5…row 800m
min. 5-10…run 800m
min. 10-15… row 800m
min. 15-20… run 800m

**(rest remainder) of each set once 800m is complete.

Post by Chris.