Tips For A Successful Stay cation

Tips For A Successful Stay cation


With these beautiful summer weekends … We don’t always have to go out of town to have a great time!

Here are 5 Staycation tips to make it feel like your on vacation in your own home town..

#1 Don’t Turn On Your Alarm

Be lazy and stay in bed till whenever it is you want. Maybe even all day if you feel like it!

#2 Pamper Yourself:

Treat yourself to the “spa” life .. go get a manicure or pedicure, maybe a massage or facial. Do something that relaxes you and takes your mind off feeling stressed to the max.

#3 Do Something out of your normal routine:

Maybe take a bike ride, hike, rock climb, meet friends and go shopping. Create an environment that takes you out of your routine

#4 Don’t look at your cell phone or work calendar 

Technology free weekends take your mind off of work, or anything that could distract you from your relaxing enjoyable weekend! It will all be there monday waiting for you .. Live in the moment and enjoy your weekend paradise.

#5 Go to a touristy activity that your town is known for:

For example our town is known for their beautiful Sioux Falls .. so my husband and I recently took a trip down there went to the visitors center and learned a lot about the history behind Sioux Falls. It is amazing how much fun and the education you get when you do these fun activities.

Hope you have a fun relaxing Staycation weekend …

The O-Board Says…

5 Rounds
5 min Row
P1 = Row
P2 = Active Recovery (below)

*in the rest time do
jumping jacks
step ups
down dogg

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