My Top Books of 2016…

My Top Books of 2016…

We can transform our lives because of 2 things. The people we surround ourselves by and the books we read. I want great things for my life and everyone around me. It fascinates me we can learn in 3 days what someone took 30 years to figure out! This last year’s list of topics range from leadership, motivation, accountability and fun!

Living with a Seal = HARD COVER / AUDIO
This is a book I have referred out to others more than any other book! It is a true story of an entrepreneur living in NYC. Everything is going well in his life (fitness, business, marriage, etc..) He has this urge to shake things up and take his life to the next level. Then he meets a former Navy Seal at a charity race event that ends up changing his life forever! The “Seal” moves in with him in his NYC penthouse and trains him everyday like a Navy Seal for 31 days. The book is written around each of the 31 days; the workouts (INSANE btw), the reactions, interactions and the many lessons learned along the way. It is one of my favorite all time reads!

Relentless = HARD COVER / AUDIO
Tim Grover got his break when he became Michael Jordan’s personal trainer back in the 80s. He is regarded now as the Go-To trainer to NBA stars and players. Me being a HUGH basketball fan growing up this really resonated with me. He has a tough, firm, no nonsense approach that I (obviously) appreciate. He bases the book around 3 types of athletes; (that translate to everyone in the world); Cleaner, Closer and Cooler. He has tons of stories from his journey about players detailing the difference between the 3 types. This is a mental toughness and leadership read at it’s finest:)

The story of Phil Knight, creator of Nike. This is a longer book but sooo worth the read. I think it is so cool to read about someone prolific and their journey to the top. Phil started from nothing and literally changed the world. His journey, struggles, setbacks and successes are UNBELEIVEABLE! Highly motivational and just a fun read.

Extreme Ownership = HARD COVER / AUDIO
Written by two former Navy Seals now business consultants to fortune 500 companies and business execs. They have detailed stories of missions they operated as navy seals and translated the core principles and lessons learned to the business world. The book depicts a specific topic “teamwork” tells a story of a business world example and how they succeeded in combat as a navy seal. Strong topics that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Be Obsessed Or Be Average = HARD COVER / AUDIO
I follow this author more than anyone else for sales, motivation, success and business. Simply because he is a social media monster! You think I snapchat a lot, you should follow this guy:-) This book is an autobiography of how GC became a self made multi-millionaire from nothing! He helps you change your definition of obsessed from negative to very positive. It is highly informational, motivational and entertaining. This is the only book in the list that I listened to on audio and then bought and read the hard cover after!

Did you read any books that is worthy to share? Please reply in the comments!

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Death by 10m

Part B:
4 Rounds:
50 Doubles
20 DB Squat Cleans
*rest 1 minute btw rounds

Post by Chris; @cmoknows