Top 5 Fit Tips to Get The Halloween Candy Out of The House ……

Top 5 Fit Tips to Get The Halloween Candy Out of The House ……

Halloween is over and now you have the “Candy Wrath” All Over the House!

Here are some great tips and tricks to get the candy out of the house and keep you and your family healthy and happy all in one!

1.Switch Witch: I love this! 5 -7 nights after Halloween, when the kids have enjoyed plenty of their favorite fun-sized candy bars, the Switch Witch comes to the house . She takes away the remaining candy and in its place, she switches it for a toy that the child has been wanting. My kids are always happy to lose the candy to a new pack of Pokemon cards, a new book etc.

2. Sell Your Candy: Many pediatric dentist offices offer a candy buyback program. Cash for candy?! Your kids will definitely want in!

3.Give it To Charity:  Pack up leftover candy and include it with a bag of non-perishable food items to drop off at a local food bank or send it to the troops.

4. Use it for Crafty Holiday Activities: Store the candy in the freezer and use it for Gingerbread Houses, home-made ornaments, and or holiday gift baking (cookies, candies, bars).

5. Share it with your Co Workers, Friends, and Local Employees: Turn the candy into treat bags. package up excess candy into treat bags and give them to individuals such as your mail carrier, garbage collectors, people at work etc. give it as a thank you for all they do.

Now you have NO EXCUSE to keep that Halloween Candy around.

The O-Board Says…

4 Rounds for Time:
40 Burpees
30 Box Jumps
200m Farmers Carry

Posted By: Annie