Top 5 Items to Keep In Your CPM Gym Bag ….

Top 5 Items to Keep In Your CPM Gym Bag ….

Now that the weather is changing and spring is in the air … It is time to make some much needed adjustments to our gym bags.

Here is a list of must haves for you to have in your gym bag at all times this Spring:

#1 Larabar or RX Bar – When you are running to the gym sometimes you need a little pick me up before your workout. This is the perfect snack to have to get you pumped and ready to crush it! Or if you are famished after you can have a little snack to keep you alive. 

#2 A Water Bottle: Yeah, this may be a duh for some of you, but it’s one of the most important items you could—and should always—have. Having an empty, reusable water bottle that you can refill on the fly will make sure you’re always able to hydrate (and it’s a more ecofriendly option than the plastic bottles many studios provide). I’m a big fan of the

#3 Lacrosse Ball –  These small little balls are just what you need to get you loosened up for your workout. These are just what the doctor ordered to get you mobilized before and after the workout. Lacrosse balls break up fascia  and help relieve tension in the shoulders, neck, back, hips, and low back.

#4 Baby Wipes + Deodorant: The secret dream team for freshening up on the fly. Wipe down any particularly sweaty areas and reapply deodorant to prevent being stinky. Now you can feel so fresh and so clean within minutes!

#5 Pair of Socks:Trying to workout without socks is never fun. So prep yourself with a spare pair to prevent any mishaps; especially if your coming from work, you are more apt to forget and the dress shoe athletic look is definitely an uncomfortable one!

Make sure you put these important go-to items in your bag you will be happy, clean, and hydrated!


5-Rounds for TIme:
MedBall Run 200m Run
30-sec Plank
200m Suitcase Carry (100m per side)
200m Medball Run
30-sec Plank
20 Russian Twists w/Medball

Posted By: Annie