Top 5 Things to do With Your Left Over Halloween Candy

Have you gorged on Halloween candy and still have tons of leftovers? What can you do with all your leftover Halloween candy so that you (and your family) don’t turn into a candy corn? Here are some great ideas so that your candy can go to good use other than the trash. ‘

Donate It
Now you can feel like you are helping your waistline and a cause. Here is a great link to some wonderful causes that will benefit from your Halloween Left overs.

Ship It to Troops
This is a great project for you and your children to do together. Operation Shoebox Halloween candy program ships packages full of goodies to troops as another way of saying thank you for their service. They also put a call out for toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste for some seriously responsible indulging.

Use it as holiday decor

With Christmas around the corner, saving candy or freezing some in small plastic bags can easily be used for some holiday decorations. Treats can be used to decorate a gingerbread house or used to make Christmas ornaments. You can also use it as stocking stuffers or table decorations.

Use it for a party

Pinatas are often reserved for children’s birthday parties but let’s face it, adults love them too. Stuff your left-over treats into a pinata or make a board game and use the candy as game pieces. Now you can have fun and not feel bad for it!

DIY Project candy: craft, count, sort and match

Help your kids learn by using various candies to count, and match and sort colors. M&M’s, Skittles, Starbursts, jelly beans, and other colorful candies are the perfect tool! You can have your kids sort the colors, find the correct sequence, and count how many of each color there are. Now you can use the candy to educate your children.

Now you don’t have to let all that Halloween Candy go to waste!

The O-Board Says…

A.Every 90 seconds
Front Squat + Jerk complex

B.100 double-unders
Front squats, 21 reps
Push presses, 21 reps
100 double-unders
Front squats, 15 reps
Push presses, 15 reps
100 double-unders
Front squats, 9 reps
Push presses, 9 reps

Posted by: Annie