Top 5 Tips to Stay On Track This Holiday Season …

Top 5 Tips to Stay On Track This Holiday Season …

Now that the Winter season is near and the cold front has definitely moved in, enjoying the “Great Outdoors” is not so great right now! This does not mean that we throw in the towel and pack on the pounds and put a dent in our couch.

Here are 5 tips and tricks to keeping your motivated thru the Winter.

Now when swimsuit season hits you will be the first to hit the pool, and you will not have to get yourself “back into shape”!

1. Go in the A.M – It’s dark and cold so a good hard workout is just the prescription to you warmed up! Now when you leave work at night and want to go home snuggle up by the fire with your hot tea; You can! Plus working out in the AM really keeps you energized throughout your day.

2. Sign up for a class that suits your outdoor sport – I don’t know about you Fit Ones, but exercising in the cold tundra doesn’t make me want to fetch for my Nikes. If you are an endurance athlete, take an indoor cycle class, if you are a runner try a boot camp or treadmill interval training class. For hikers seek a yoga class or find an indoor rock climbing wall. Now when Spring rolls around you will be in great shape and feeling great.

3. You Burn More – When trying to tell yourself all of the reasons not to go to the gym, remember you actually burn more calories when your body is cold. The cold temps makes your body work overtime in order to stay warm.

#4 Routine – You won’t be able to see results if you workout sporadically. Find the times you won’t be too tired and have enough free time to complete an effective workout. Also a workout buddy is a great way to keep you accountable. I like to grab a copy of my gyms class schedule and on Sunday night plan out my week of workouts. You can now treat this like an appointment and you will have less chance of flaking out.

#5 Stay Hydrated – It is very easy in these winter months to forget to drink your water. Drinking water is just as important now, as it is in the summer. Drink plenty of water before your workout. Keeping hydrated also helps with dry skin that many people experience during the winter months as well.

Now you have all the tips and tools you need to stay “Fit” this winter. But most of all, have fun out there. It’s a wonderful time of year—enjoy it!

The O-Board Says…

Snatch Build-Up
*every 90sec*

AMRAP 15 min
5 Power Snatch
30 sec HS hold
15 KB Swings

Posted by: Annie