Top 5 Ways to Avoid Injury …

When doing a sport you love especially when training for an event or challenge, it is very easy to focus so much on that one element that you lose track of all the “important” details that actually make you better!

I have seen several athletes in my career train for specific races, events, tournaments etc.. and end up with stress fractures or hip injuries from over training.

Here are five very helpful tips to keep in mind when you are going for the gold that will keep you feeling healthy and strong throughout your training!

Don’t try to PR right out of the gate:  Trying to reach your goal in the first week can be very dangerous and leave you with injuries right from the start. Start with a pace or weight that pushes you but one that can increase as you get better as well.

Know The Good Hurt From the Bad: Everyone knows that feeling of being tired and sore after a particularly long or hard workout. It’s important, though, that you recognize the difference between the good hurt and the bad. If you are having nagging injuries you need to attend to them, as they will not just disappear! A good resource that I like to use is Kelly Starrett’s Blog“. He breaks down different aches and pains and how to attend to them, and also how to prepare for certain exercises that you will be performing.

Warmup and Cool Downs: Most of us are not as young as we used to be, and the “get up and go” model ship has sailed! Make sure you do proper warmup and cool down exercises for injury prevention and better results.

Your Training Doesn’t End When Your Workout Does Your nutrition—especially post-workout—will have a huge impact on how you’re feeling from one day to the next. Make sure to stay hydrated and get the proper nutrition before and after your training and event.  Here is a great post from Paleo OMG about the right nutrients to consume before and after your workouts.

Remember these key ingredients for your training and you will not only see amazing results but you feel great in the process!

Happy Friday!

Today’s Workout:

2 minutes for max reps of each of the following:

Rest exactly 3 minutes between movements (each movement starts on the 5:00 mark of a continuously running timer)
Score is total cumulative reps of all movements

Post by: Annie