Top Reasons To Not Go Out To Eat …

If you are feeling the urge to go out for dinner think twice before you react to the urge. Here are 5 reasons that staying in is the better option. Not only will your bank account thank you so will your body!

1. You tend to eat healthier when eating at home – Only one in four people say they actually eat healthy foods when they go out to eat, according to a 2013 study by the market research firm The NPD Group.

2. You can control the ingredients that go into your food – When eating out you can’t control what the restaurant wants to throw in your food and chances are it’s the cheapest mass-produced ingredients out there; you may not know what ingredients go into the sauces and seasoning. Also, kitchens can get sloppy or make mistakes, and they may accidentally add some things that they should not into your food. If you prepare your own food at home, you will know exactly what you are eating!

3. You can have better family conversation – Eating at home offers an excellent opportunity for family bonding. You can talk to your children about school or your spouse about his day at work over dinner. If you are always too busy to cook at home, you may not be able to spend quality time with your loved ones.

4. You will save more money – A recent study by outofyourrut breaks down how much a typical week of eating out would cost a family of four. The results will definitely make you think twice before heading out the door for dinner.

5. You can teach your family to cook and make healthier choices as well – Encourage your children to help out in the kitchen. The more the children get involved and have fun the more they will want to consume the foods they helped make! This is a great way to introduce meats, veggies, and fruits that the kids may have been hesitant to eat in the past.

Here are some great recipes to cook when eating at home too!

The O-Board Says…

5 Rounds for Time
10 HS Pushups
Run 200m
15 Fronts Squats

Posted by: Annie