Top Ten Reasons To Put Your Health First …

I found this great blog from Mark’s Daily Apple on the 10 reasons to put your health first. The more that we look at our goals and dig deeper into what we really want for ourselves the more the goals and habits we create make sense.

Here are my ten:

1. To be the best wife to my husband

2. To help others by leading by example

3. To be the best mom in the future to my children

4. To feel good on the inside and out

5. To not feel self conscious

6. To not feel sick (like I did before I found out I had Celiacs Disease)

7. To be strong and empower other women to be proud of their bodies and their health!

8. There is no perfect in “health” which means you can always grow and evolve and get better which is very exciting to me to know the skies the limit.

9. To not pay our retirement in health care when we get older

10. I want to travel the world when I retire and I need my health and wellness to do so.

What are your reasons CPM?
Post in the comments below …

The O-Board Says…

A. For Quality
3 Rounds;
2 Turkish Get Up each arm
rest 45 sec
6-8 Deadlift
rest 45 sec
45-60 sec hollow hold/rock

B. For Time;
Dumbbell Snatches
Alternating Pistols

Posted by: Annie