Train Your Brain Like You Train Your Body…

Train Your Brain Like You Train Your Body…

Whatever happens to you in with your life is a direct reflection of two things… Attitude and Activity.

They both affect each other. Your attitude will effect your activity. Your activity will effect your attitude.

When my attitude is great is it very simple and easy to do the activity I need to stay productive, have fun and accomplish what I desire for the day. When my attitude is poor it can feel like moving a mountain to get anything done and the day slugs along.

I view training the brain and the emotions similar to training the body. We need to move the body daily and eat healthy to affect how our body will look, feel and perform. We can also train our attitude (mind and emotions) daily with what we read, watch and who we listen too. If we are always are around complainers, watch the news and surround ourselves in a negative environment we are doing the same thing to our brain as we would do to our body if we were eating pancakes, hot dogs and lasagna everyday!

Something I came across last week in my ‘Mental’ Training session was a short video from a personal development guru, Darren Hardy. Talking about this very important topic of creating a Healthy Enviornment… Enjoy and share your thoughts in the comments!

The O-Board Says…

A. EMOTM 10:
5 pull ups
*pick a variation that’s challenging: strict, kipping, chest to bar, etc

B. 1500m row
150- double unders
1000m row
100- double unders
500m row
50- double unders

Post by Chris; @cmoknows