Training Ingredients for Success…

It’s one thing to motivate yourself enough to startup a workout routine. It’s another thing to stay motivated enough to continue with it. We all exercise/workout/train because we want RESULTS! Yeah there are those of you who throughly enjoy exercising, but let’s be honest you wouldn’t put the time, energy and commitment if you weren’t receiving some fruits for your labor.

I found for any training program to be effective, there are certain criteria that must be adhered to. Here are 4 key ways to train for results.

* Train daily! I once heard a phrase, “If it’s important enough, it’s worth doing everyday”. But wait??? Aren’t I supposed to take rest days?? Humans are built to move everyday. Now this doesn’t mean a full blown workout everyday. But it does mean stretch, floss, walk, get in a recreational league. No day should be wasted away only on the couch.

* Train with the goal to increase results. We can only improve what we measure. Keep notes of your goals, weights, times, good days and points where you may have stumbled. Learn from them.

* Training should be rewarded. Finding ways to reward yourself is a very powerful and positive way to motivate yourself, especially when you are busy, sore or lacking mojo.

* Train for growth and seek out information to get you to the next level, to get you past where you may be stuck. We are only as good as yesterday, unless we seek out better people and information to learn and grow from.

Which ingredient resonates with you the most? Do you have any tricks and tips that is not listed and have worked for you?

Post by Chris.