Transformation Principles…

Transformation Principles…

Transformation is a HOT word in the FITness world. Of course it takes work physcially, but everything you need to win with your Health and FITness is about everything from the neck up. Read through these 28 principles and share with us the one (or two) points that really speak to you!

1. All we get is one body and one life.

2. Following orders doesn’t work; taking ownership does.

3. Perfection isn’t required to get started

4. Motivation and confidence are fickle; keep going anyway. = LINK

5. Feeling anxious is normal; slowing down is what’s required.

6. Treat yourself like you’d treat a close friend.

7. Lifestyle personalization + support for the win.

8. Sitting on the fence is a mistake. = LINK

9. Your body can still do stuff; celebrate that.

10. What will it be like to live as your future self?

11. Slow down and enjoy your food, all of it.

12. Your environment shapes you, so choose yours wisely. = LINK

13. You are the average of the people you spend the most time with.

14. Dive below the surface; that’s where real change happens.

15. Stay connected to all the things you love about yourself.

16. It doesn’t matter how much you “know”.

17. Find someone to hold you accountable.

18. There’s no such thing as “too busy”. = LINK

19. Most people can’t do everything; so focus on what you can do right now. = LINK

20. Imagine yourself as a role model, then go be that person.

21. Stop thinking you have to dedicate your whole life to losing weight.

22. Let your taste buds lead the way.

23. You don’t have to do anything, you choose to.

24. Make health programs bend to your needs. = LINK

25. Concentrate on what you can do vs. what you’re measuring.

26. You can start over every minute, every day.

27. Unbroken enthusiasm is a myth.

28. Act courageous and brave, even if you’re not yet.

Post in the comments 1 of the points and share your thoughts on it… I’ll start!

The O-Board Says…

I. AMRAP 9min
20 Wall Ball
15 Calorie Row
10 Burpee Box Overs
– rest 3 mins then –

II. AMRAP 6min
15 Wall Ball
10 Calorie Row
– rest 2 mins then –

MAX Wall Balls

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram  @mr.cpm