True or False Comparison??

True or False Comparison??

Now that Friday Night Lights is in full swing; I’d like to bring back a topic I wrote about back in 2011 (LINK) that may help you now or later due to the heightened heat of the FNL competition….

In your FITness, Career and the other important areas of your life it is easy to compare what you want to what others have…

The FIT dude says…

“I wish I could do as many ____ as he/she can!”
“Why can’t I go as fast in the ____as he/she can?!”

Also, in life and career:

“I want to be rich and famous”
“Why can’t I catch a break like, _____ can”

We are fascinated by celebrities, athletes, people of stature and the achievements they have accomplished. Even at CPMFITness there are people/friends you admire that are not necessarily famous but have achieved FITness or career levels that you ‘wish‘ to attain. It is easy to compare them to our personal achievements and beat ourselves up for not being in a similar position.

But are you doing a FULL comparison???

If you haven’t put in the blood, sweat and tears they have, can you honestly compare yourself to them?…Hell NO! What do you expect? Even if you have, what will that do for you? Will it make you better?

If you are upset after a workout that had, lets say, Dumbbell Snatches?!? And the person next to you crushed you and your time…  How does your FITness resume compare to theirs? How many workouts have you done compared to them? How sound is your nutrition? Do you work on your weaknesses? Etc…

Next time your compare, don’t compare only what you see, find out what you DON’T see…

The BIG Picture… It’s only One Workout!

As I discussed last week, You are exactly where you are supposed to be. All of you efforts you have done in the last year, all of your training prior to CPM, your entire  fitness/sports history has brought you exactly where you stand today. And the same goes with the people you can’t help but compare yourself too. Be proud of  yourself. Your progress. Your results. The potential you have. If you feel the need to compare yourself to others there are plenty of success stories that have people with far less  physical advantages in life than you.

You have skills and talents no one else has. Play to your strengths. Work on your weaknesses. Have fun. And Just get Better!


See you under the lights this Friday… #FNL2017

The O-Board Says…

For Time:
1-20 KB Swings
20-1 Burpees to Plate

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