Tune Out the Noise and Focus on the Game

Super Bowl Sunday XLIX took place last night, between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Both teams have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this final game.

With the weeks prior leading up to this event, there has been so much “noise” about the New England patriots for “deflatable footballs”. (I know we have all heard it and are so over it). The media, late night talk shows, newspapers, sports shows are all capatalizing.

They are calling Bill Belichick (coach of New England) and Tom Brady (quarterback of NE) cheaters and liars and questioning their integrity and their talent. All because of 1 stinking game.

They do not choose to focus on the fact that Bill Belichick has been an successful coach of New England since 2000. He has taken the team to 7 super bowls winning 5 of those games, and has 163 wins the most by any New England coach in the franchise.

While Brady is not a stranger to success either. He and Joe Montana are the only quarterbacks to win multiple MVP awards (winning 4). In 2010 Brady was voted best player in the NFL, and has the most consecutive passes without interceptions and he was the first quarterback to throw for 50 or more touchdowns in a season and to put the icing on the cake he has won multiple Super Bowl titles.

Years and years of success day in and day out and we are choosing to focus on one day in time that in the whole scheme of things really holds no clout or meaning to the whole picture. Brady and Belichick can choose to let the “noise” keep them from their goals, or they can have the goal tune out the noise.

There is “noise” all around us and it is our responsibility to tune it out and focus on our mission, our passion, and our purpose.

The O-Board Says…

3 RM Front SQUAT
8 rds 90 sec on

Amrap 14
5 Front Squat
12 Push Press
15 Box Jump
200 run

Posted by: Annie