Summer Shape, Vacations, Out of Town Made Easy

Summer Shape, Vacations, Out of Town Made Easy

July is here and this means summer is in FULL swing. Just like there are seasons of weather there are seasons with your FITness and Health. I think it is very healthy with your mind, body and soul to change your routine with the change of season.

Here in the mid-west I think this is the biggest shift for most people in seasonal change. Summer means a few things…
*Kids out for summer
*Urgency to take advantage of going to lake/beach.
*Staying up later due to sun setting later in the evening.
*More out of town trips will happen.

One of the hardest things for those staying in shape is staying consistent with exercise and eating healthy while traveling, over holidays and being out of their normal routine. But when you come up against challenges and win regular life just gets a whole lot easier. Here are the HOTTEST Tips for Staying in Shape when away from Home!

mrCPM’s Top 5 Tips for Exercising when Out of Town

1. Keep It Simple! 

Workouts really just need a…
-Push exercise (push ups or handstand push ups)
-Pull exercise (Pull ups or Chin ups)
-Leg exercise (lunges or squats)
-Core exercise (planks or hanging knee tucks).

It really doesn’t matter what you do its all a matter of that you do it. All you need is a little burn, have a sweat and elevate your heart rate. Having a maintenance approach while you are not on your normal routine is the key to staying on track.

Workout #1: 
AMRAP 20min; 10 Pushups + 15 Squats + 20 Situps

2. Your exercise needs to become your constant.

While traveling – make a commitment to yourself that you will find at least 10 minutes to 1 hour  to exercise
-Add it to your Calendar,
-Set up an email reminder, do whatever it takes, but don’t take no for an answer.
-You might need to wake up early one day to fit it in.
-You might need to exercise at 11PM at night on another day.

Workout #2:
7 Rounds: Burpees (20 sec) + Shuttle Runs (40 sec) + Rest (60 sec)

3.Build Exercise into your Day.

Ask yourself what you do everyday anyway?
-Taking a Shower? Do 50 Pushups and 50 Squats.
-Pre/Post a Meal. Grab someone and take a long walk.
-Brushing your Teeth. Add a 100 lunges.

Workout #3:
Tabata’s: Plank Knee Pulls + Frog Hops + Pushup’s

4.Own your AM

The usual when on vacation is to sleep in. And I’m a BIG fan of sleeping in when I can. But what if you got up just 10-15 minutes earlier to stay on track with you exercise. If you can beat breakfast with a simple and effective workout you will be proud of yourself, own your day and feel like a million bucks!

Workout #4:
4 Rounds (each; all 30 sec of work) Squats, Run in Place (RIP) Pushup’s, RIP, Pullups (under table), RIP, V-Up’s, RIP

5.Use Your Resources.

Find a local gym or yoga studio. Take a class or just get out of your room or place where you are staying. Sometimes you need to leave where you are staying to focus on exercise. Raise your accountability by removing your distractions (family, TV, internet) and/or paying for a class or dropping in for a workout will enforce the job getting done.

Workout #5:
Alternate Work / Rest; 15s – 30s – 30s – 60s – 30s – 30s – 15s; Sit-up’s, Pushup’s and then Squats.

Today’s Workout is…

*Choose any of the Travel Workouts Above*

Post by Chris; follow me on instagram@mr.cpm