We are Lazy… Let’s Leverage it!

We are Lazy… Let’s Leverage it!


Okay, It’s a brand new year and we are trying to make some changes. Over a third of the gym is participating in our Progress NOT Perfection Challenge ready to make this the FITTEST year of their lives! But lets take a moment to understand that these changes are up against very well conditioned habit patterns. Habits that you’ve been growing, reinforcing and repeating now unconsciously a long time, maybe years (and in some cases maybe DECADES!).

Right now you are focused, excited, motivated and determined! But let me be honest with you, this will get hard! And human beings don’t like things being hard.

Humans are lazy by nature. And our world only supports our laziness. Life has never been more convenient with remote starters, smart phones, apps, microwaves, delivery services we literally can get most anything at our finger tips!

The point is to understand that our laziness is an inherent flaw in our nature but we can use this flaw to our advantage. All we need to do is make it HARD to do to the things that you want to STOP doing and make it EASY to do the things you want to START doing.

Making Bad Behavior HARD examples…

(Paying off Debt) Freeze Credit Card in a block of ice where you can only use it when it has melted out in the hopes that your impulse buying arousal fades by the time you can use it. Or how about? Cutting up the Credit Card and only paying cash.

(Losing Weight) Take all of the unhealthy food choices out of your house, car, office, out of your briefcase and everywhere. Out of sight = Out of Mind

Good Behavior Gone Easy…

A. They always say pay yourself first. Do that! Set up an automatic withdrawal to your savings the same time you get your paycheck. Pretend it is a monthly payment.

B. Stock everywhere you took out the unhealthy foods and replace with healthy, tasty options to have on hand. Keep yourself full by following the Challenge guidelines of a protein, veggie and fat in every meal so you won’t have unnecessary cravings during the day or night.

Pre-Eat. If you are going to a party or event. Eat a big healthy meal before you go and you will set yourself up to resist the need to partake in the treats, snacks and desserts like you would have if you didn’t pre-eat.

You know what to do it’s really just a matter of doing it. Yes, it will take some time and willpower to set up these systems but when you do you can be lazy all you want because you’ve created these healthy automatic habits and lead you too this healthy LIFESTYLE you’ve always wanted. …

The O-Board Says…

A. 1000 m Row for Time

B. AMRAP 18 minutes:
3 Mr. Spectaculars
6 Box Jumps
12 Heavy KB Swings
200m Run in between every round

Post by Chris; @cmoknows