We Love Your Friends!

We Love Your Friends!

Progress Not Perfection Winners!

Congrats to everyone that participated in the challenge and especially to those who completed it. You did a fantastic job and greatly exceeded our expectations!

Here are the stats…
-51 Total Participants
-9 Coaches
-27 Qualifiers
-14 Prize Winners!

Watch the video above (less than 7 min!) to see the amazing presentation of the winners! If you have no patience and need to know right now here is your list below…

1. Victoria Albers WINS = $500
2. Meghan Meister WINS = $500
3. Rochelle Sweetman WINS = $500
4. Vanessa Sweeney WINS = $50 Scheels
5. Carrie Van Heel WINS = $50 Pappys
6. Courtney Hughes WINS = $50 Ode
7. Ang Hight WINS = $50 Chelsea’s Boutique
8. Kelly Hasvold WINS = $50 Chelsea’s Boutique
9. Chris Luke WINS = $50 Co-Op
10. BABS 2.0 WINS = $50 Pomegranate Market
11. Brent Kastner WINS = $50 Ode
12. Dan Lindquist’s Wife WINS = Bear + Earrings + Necklace
13. Sarah Theophilus WINS = $50 Ode
14. Steph Cox WINS = $25 Pomegranate Market

The challenge went so well that we have decided to add a special Spring offer to all gym members! Look for a March Upgrade Special open to the entire gym….

Bring a Friend Week

BAFW was a huge success. Thank you for everyone who did their friends a favor and brought them to CPM. We hope to see more of them at the gym 🙂

Supplements and Sweatshirts

First the sweatshirts. We put in another order for the extremely popular CPM Sweatshirts. If you would like one, check with your coach to see if we have your size!

We will be placing another SFH order in March. Watch the board to get your name in on the pre-order!


We are really excited to announce our new rewards program, Perkville. Earn points for working out, referring friends, participating in challenges and more! You can turn those points into merchandise, free classes, cash off your monthly membership payment and even a free unlimited month with CPM. We will be launching the program February 1st so keep an eye on your inbox for information on joining the rewards program.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I’m reflecting on friends, gyms and feelings today. Do you have friends that love to talk about working out and the gym? What about friends that seem to get angry when you talk about it? I have both. It seems that those of us that workout in this fashion can’t stop talking about it. We discuss workouts we’ve done, time it took, if we wanted to die, how much weight we did… you get the point. So as I type this, it becomes obvious to me why some of my friends get annoyed when the gym talk starts. Do we obsess over our workouts? Do we become closer friends with our gym buddies than anyone else? The possibility is definitely there. I spend more time with my gym buddies than anyone else. And that’s not true only because I work at a gym. It was the case before also. My gym buddies were the people I met every day for a workout. And it was outside of a work setting so it was an enjoyable time and not business related. I can honestly say most of my best friends are at CPM. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m thankful for the time we get to spend together working out, laying on the floor after the workouts and talking about the workouts (maybe a little too much!). Thank you to all of my friends that make my life super-awesome just by working out with me on a daily basis. I love you guys!


The Oboard Says..
10 Rounds for Time:
P1 = 200m Farmer Carries
P2 = 50 Double Unders, Max Sit-Ups
Posted by: Emily