Week 4….Will The Virtual Jar Change Our Thinking?

Week 4….Will The Virtual Jar Change Our Thinking?

WLC Week 4 – Virtual Jar Changes our Thinking?

The people at the Whole Life Challenge are not idiots. They have a pretty good idea of what lifestyle challenge they should throw at us and when. Example: We are on week 4 of the challenge and this is the time when people start to get tired of the challenge, have negative thoughts about eating healthy, drop out, etc.

So they throw this Digital Jar of Awesome at us. Suddenly, posts that would have been negative are now positive. We post what we are thankful for, we read what others are thankful for and we are all a lot more thankful! Their sneaky little plan is working and it’s great. At night, rather than focusing on what went wrong with my day, I’m focused on what went right. I love it. So again, I’m motivated to do well in the challenge and work for those perfect score days.

At our house, we try to eat dinner together every night. It doesn’t always work but most of the time it does. I like to go around the table and have my husband, kids and me state 3 good things and 3 bad things about the day. We start with the bad, end with the good. I like to include the bad things because this is their opportunity to vent or fill us in on something of which we need to be aware. They don’t always want to share at first but, once they get going, they don’t stop! I’m thinking 3 positive reflections at bedtime would be a great addition to our nightly routine.

Well, we are about halfway through this. I really want to see people stick it out. Or perhaps, you didn’t do so well for the first half… there is still time! Have you heard how many pounds people are losing or how much better they feel mentally and physically? Now is your chance to get back in it and feel great!

Keep up the great work CPM!


The Oboard Says…
20 Goblet Lunges
40-Goblet Step-ups
50-Goblet squats
60-sec Plank Hold acc.
*10 Burpees Btw each round
Posted by: Emily