Week of DEETS…

Let’s DEET it up…

More Classes + New Classes

Next week they begin…

*More Yoga Classes.
-5:30am every Tuesday morning. First class begin January 28th.
-Noon every Friday. First class begins January 31st.

*CPM Grind.
8:30am every Saturday starting Feb 1st.

*Rowga. Our 1st class will start Wednesday January 29th at 11am. And be every Wednesday at 11am. More class times are developing for the future.

All the new classes are updated on our class scheduler.

Awesome OHouse! Thank you!

Thank you to all the members and guests that attended our first Open House on Monday. We will be announcing our February Open House soon. Stay tuned…

New Supplement Pre-Order 

The pre-order board is up and ready to go. Reserve your fish, protein and recovery mix. We will be placing our next order mid to late next week.

Bring a Friend Week

Is running and gunning with some awesome workout and new faces! Be sure to introduce yourself to all of our new friends throughout the rest of this week.

The O-Board Says…

Teams of 2 for time:
*1 person working.
**both partners working.

A. In 5min complete:
50 Thrusters*
Max Situps**
-rest 1 min-

B. In 5 min complete:
50 Shoulder to Overhead*
Max Squats**
-rest 1 min-

C. In 5 min complete:
50 Front Squats*
Max Push Ups**

Post by Chris.