Weighing In About Your Scale 2.0

What do most Americans use their measure of fitness?
-The scale?
-Body Fat testing?
-Measuring themselves?
-A Before and After Photo?

What do you think the most popular measure is?



When you look at the scale and that number pops up, what does that tell you? How do you feel about that number? What does it represent to you? Do you usually like what you see? 

Why it is that we fall into the trap of living and dying by what the scale says? 

Why do we have this obession with the scale?

How is it that this machine can have so much power over us and determine how we feel about ourselves?

For those of you who have been CrossFitting for a while know that CrossFit is a very very different way of getting FIT vs. the traditional/globol/commercial gym way.

Counting calories, FAT free diets, slim fast BS, and weighing yourself every 10 minutes is NOT the way to get FIT PERMANETLY!

What excites me about our Paleo Challenge is not only the opportunity to have our athletes achieve some major results but to see how their perception of Fitness for themselves changes for the better. 

You know you are a CrossFitter when…

-CrossFit and gaining weight is a “GOOD” thing:-)
-CrossFitters know that when you gain weight you gain MUSCLE!
-CrossFitters know that muscle is our BFF because muscle is the only natural & best FATburner available on the market.
-CrossFitters know that muscle burns FAT 24/7.
-CrossFitters know that muscle helps us not only prevent injury but also help you heal previous injuries faster and better.
-Lastly, CrossFitters know that muscle makes you lean and strong.

When you have a ROCK HARD Body do you really care how much you weigh on that “SCALE”…I think not:-)



The scale is very subjective…
It will evoke what we feel about ourselves
when you don’t feel good you allow the number on the scale