We’ve Got a 6-Pack for You!

We’ve Got a 6-Pack for You!

Awesome Abs April (AAA) Challenge!

Start = April 18th
End = May 14th

*Everyday. Every single class, including all yoga classes, we will have a portion of class dedicated to your ABS! We are literally going to ROCK YOUR CORE! Expect an intelligently designed program to engage, strengthen and hit every part of your mid section. From your rectus abdominis, obliques, hipflexors, low back, etc… You will get stronger, tighter, not to mention work what most consider the most important feature of getting in shape, the abs! Summer is really just around the corner:)

What do you need to do?
Come to more classes! We are springing off the PnP Challenge (Jan/Feb) and +1 Pass (Mar) and offering another killer upgrade opportunity. Introducing…

Upgrade Your ABS…
1 pack = $15
2 pack = $24 (12/class)
4 pack = $40 (10/class)
6 pack = $49 (8.16/class) *best value & best abs

You can use these classes at anytime during the length of the challenge, 4/18- 5/14. Simply check our schedule online and map out the month of classes you are committed to attending. You can mix up the purchase; for example, 10 classes extra is a 6 pack + 4 pack…

6 Pack Thoughts
A few of us were discussing abs after class the other day. A member asked if she should be doing ab workouts at home on days when she isn’t at the gym. Before I tell you what was said after she asked that question, let me just say that I am NOT a fan of ab workouts. Do I think they are necessary and beneficial? Yes. However, that burning feeling I used to get in my stomach during a 20 minute ab session after aerobics class was not something I enjoyed. I was the woman who laid on the floor and did half of the movements.

So back to our discussion. I told the group that I thought abs were made in the kitchen. I’ve been through several different exercise phases including serious ab work. What made the difference in my abs? My diet. Don’t get me wrong, the ab workouts we have coming for you in April will be amazing. Your core will be stronger which will benefit your olympic lifts, gymnastics movements and pretty much everything we do in the gym. However, you aren’t going to see a 6-pack unless you clean up your diet. Once you have your fat percentage low enough, you start to see abs. At that point, these extra ab workouts will really show in your physique.

So before we even start this challenge, how about eliminating a few inflammatory foods from your diet? I’m talking to myself here. I need to cut the milk, sugar, etc. 6 Pack abs are hard to achieve and you really have to want it! Do you want it bad enough? Do I? We shall see!


The Oboard Says..
Emily’s Favorite Workout…Ever!
5 Rounds For Time (3 min each)
5 Hang Clean
5 Front Squat
5 Push Jerk
*1 min rest between rounds

Posted by: Emily