October is Going to be Great at CPM!

October is Going to be Great at CPM!

Wired to Eat

Date: October 6th – November 11th
What: 30 Day Nutrition Challenge w/ 7 Day Carb Test
Cost: Early Bird Pricing of $50 if registered by September 30th, $60 for late registration
Prizes: Free Unlimited Month at CPM for every ten entries, Gym Merchandise Pack and Gift Certificates

The coaches have been doing a trial run of the 7 day carb test and it is LEGIT! Check out the live videos from Chris Mello this week on Facebook and notice the comments from ROBB WOLF! For real! Click HERE to find the videos.

You Need To:

  1. Sign up for the challenge. Get your name on the boards at the gym (coming soon!) or email Emily to get started.
  2. Buy the book Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf and read it. Click HERE to find it on Amazon.
  3. Download the MealLogger app. Click HERE. Search for the group CPM Wired to Eat and request to join.
  4. You will need to purchase a blood glucose monitor by November 1st. We will have suggestions on the brand you should purchase coming soon!

Questions? We know you have lots! Email us with your questions but keep in mind more info is coming soon!

BassUp 28 starts Today!

What started as a fun little way for Missy’s (Trenton’s mom) gym (CPM Fitness, Sioux Falls, SD) has led to an impactful way to raise awareness, funds, and most importantly prayer support for Trenton.

A little back-ground for the #BassUp28 Challenge… Missy Bass is a contagiously competitive work-horse at CPM Fitness (where she also coaches). Her gym friends coined a phrase of the “BassUp for the Day” as we would have to either add additional weights to her bar OR include additional movements for her to complete so the rest of the gym could keep up with her. The #BassUp28 Challenge is motivated by that premise and is a very simple Challenge which includes committing to 4 steps:

1) 28 squats for 28 days (if you have issues with squats, pick something different – push-ups, sit-ups, etc.)

2) Choosing a dollar amount per squat to donate to the Bass Family. (donations can be made online at https://www.youcaring.com/trentonbass-943415 OR by mailing a check to Exchange State Bank in Hills, MN … more information can be found online at http://www.bassup28.com/)

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY … Pray EACH DAY! The God we read about in Scripture and believe in is a God of provision, peace, cRaZy miraculous healings, and restoration.

4) Share or post a video of your squats, a Scripture you’ve been reflecting on, an encouraging prayer or note, or some combination of these. (make sure you include the #bassup28 in your post whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to help make this go viral)




The O-Board Says…

Part A
1K Row For Time

Part B
4-Rounds for Time:
5 Bear Complex Sets
400m Run