What did you eat?

What did you eat?

Accountability is a huge part of success even when it comes to nutrition goals. Having someone to answer to, even if that person is yourself can be motivating and will help keep you on track. Food journaling is a great tool to help you do just that.

I have experimented with food journaling over the years and have come to realize that when I am journaling I tend to have greater self-control. There is something about writing down what goes in that makes you stop before you chomp.

Our lives are busy and we tend to eat more than we think we do. We underestimate portion size, our grazing tendencies and how many calories we are drinking. All this adds up!
Food journaling also helps tie in the connection of stress and emotion. I started to see patterns of how stress controlled my food patterns. Like when writing “blogs”.😁 I tend to graze or chew a lot of gum! For some people it might be an individual that trigger’s unhealthy eating or how we go 7-8 hours without eating and then we become “HANGRY” 😩and want to eat everything and the kitchen sink. Knowing these things can help us make wiser choices the next time a similar situation comes up.

What food journal you use varies from person to person. Whether it’s pen and paper, or a nutrition app like MyFitnessPal or Meal Logger. It should be something simple that you are comfortable using. Perfection is not the goal; it’s about being consistent. I have played around with all three. My favorite by far is the Meal Logger. I love to see pictures of a colorful plate!

A saying I heard recently was “If you bite it, you write it!” Be honest with yourself. In order to succeed, your diary needs to tell the truth. You don’t gain anything by cheating to look good.

Happy Journaling! ✏️

Part A:
Partner HS Work
10 minutes (1 minute on; 1 minute off)
– Partner assisted Handstand Walk
– Freestanding HS Hold OR Bear Crawl

Part B:
3 Rounds for Time (18 min cap)
– 6 Muscle Ups (scale to 3)
– 300m Row
– 20 DB Hang Clean & Jerks (single arm)
– 300m Row
Posted by: Nicole