What Do YOU Do When Someone Is Sh*t Talking About YOU???

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The following types of lying may indicate a more serious problem.
An older child or teen that lies:
  • To get attention.
  • Habitually as a way to deal with the demands of parents, teachers, and friends.
  • In order to take advantage of others.
  • To hide a more serious problem, such as a drug or alcohol problem.

Admit it…It happens to the best of us. So how do you deal with it?

Do you FIRE back right away because your pissed?!?! You know you want too.

Do you keep quiet and let the bullsh*t die down?

Do you confront the person and set the record straight?

What is the best way to approach this?

First I would say that when you don’t hear about this issue 1st hand, it is very likely that the story has been twisted and processed to be more dramatic then the actual

Secondly, who is the person that is actually talking the sh&t? Is this the 1st time they have ever talked about anyone in a negative way? Probably not.

Also, put yourself in their shoes. Why would they tell complete lies to other people/friends about you? Most times is because they are insecure/intimidated about you and the only way they feel they can get the best of you is by talking behind your back.

So are you going to ‘let’ them get the best of you?

What should you do?

It really depends on the situation and your personality. I would recommend you stop and think about it before you react. Find out what is really going on. Ask questions. Be confident in the truth about you. The answer will come to you if you stay calm and mature and then instead or reacting instinctively you can respond sensible.

Anytime you encounter a setback/negative situation in life it is a great opporutunity for growth. I would take this time to reflect on the current you and ask yourself some important questions.

-What kind of person are you?
-What kind of life are you leading?
-Do you in fact talking sh*t about others?

This is a great opportunity for growth because you are in a vulernable position. And if you use this setback to set you up for greater things down the road, well…YOU WIN!