What Exactly Is In The Foods We Consume?

Although the foods we love may taste delicious they could be causing us long-term harm.

I recently saw a great post in the Huffington Post in regards to the infamous “Shamrock Shake” from McDonalds. This shake is an exclusive once a year treat that people get really excited about. As I read the ingredients that make up this delicious treat, I ask myself “Would people really enjoy this as much if they knew exactly where these ingredients derived from and what exactly they were doing to their body?”

One of my favorite parts of nutrition consults, challenges, or seminars in making people aware of what exactly is in the foods they believe are so “good” for them. With so many companies producing “fake food” in the masses it is very easy to consume foods that we think are healthy but don’t have any of the benefits that our body wants or needs.

When clients are introduced to what harmful ingredients or toxic “fillers” in food such as soy lechitin, artificial flavorings, corn syrup, and artificial syrups, they are astounded by how many products contain these additives.

When looking at your labels for your foods Here is a great list of foods to AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Here is a link to a list of what exactly is in a McDonalds Shamrock Shake, The amount of toxins in this supposed “delicious treat” will astound you!

Note: When reading the back of ingredients stick with items that contain less ingredients. For example if you look on the back on canned green beans most cans will say green beans, salt, and water. This is how you know it is a better choice. Where as if you look at say pop tarts the ingredient’s list takes up most of the packaging!

Just so you don’t feel deprived here is a recipe for a healthy non-toxic version of a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake…

Now you can have the great taste without the harmful side effects!

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP in 9 minutes of:
3 Cleans
5 High box jumps
7 HR Pushup’s

In front of a clock set for nine minutes:
2 minutes of Burpees
2 minutes of Sit-ups
2 minutes of Inverted Burpees
1 minute of Burpees
1 minute of Sit-ups
1 minute of Inverted Burpees

Posted by: Annie