What Is a Metcon?

What Is a Metcon?

Metcon Defined

We like to throw a lot of terms and acronyms at you throughout the week. 
👉 EMOM (sometimes we call it EMOTM)
👉 Power Clean / Squat Clean / Hang Clean / High Hang Squat Clean

Can it get any more confusing? Probably not but if you pay attention, eventually all of this will become second nature to you.

Today I want to help you understand the term Metcon. When your friends ask you what kind of workouts you do, what do you tell them? Intense workouts? 😂 That would define a lot of them quite well but they can be better defined by the word Metcon which stands for Metabolic Conditioning. (side note: the Nike Metcon also happens to be my favorite pair of workout shoes 👟 😃)

The term Metcon has been made popular by the Crossfit world but it didn’t originate there. It can be traced back to 1975 when it was used to in an athletic journal magazine by the inventor of Nautilus. At the time of this article, most exercise could be divided into two categories…

1️⃣ Muscular Strength
2️⃣ Cardio Respiratory Conditioning

Using the two exercises together wasn’t mainstream. You were either doing cardio or you were lifting weights. So what happens when you put them together? Something amazing! A Metcon.

Metabolic Conditioning can be described as the ability to work at a high level of intensity over a longer period of time (example: 2 – 20 minutes). It pulls from two of our main energy systems, ATP and Glycolytic, to fuel our bodies. Think about a workout of running and heavy power cleans. You are working your body, your mind and your energy systems. We are combining strength training plus cardio at an intense level. No wonder we see amazing results when we do them correctly.

So next time you look at the WOD (another term for ya 🤓), pay attention to how the combination of movements are working your body. We are designing workouts to give you results and success. Tomorrow…. running and deadlifts! A Metcon perhaps? 😉

Workout of the Day:

Part A:

Part B:
Partner AMRAP 18
P1: 400m Run
P2: 10 Deadlift (225/155)
Max Burpee over bar