What Is Spousing and Do You Do It?

What Is Spousing and Do You Do It?

Awesome Abs April (AAA) Challenge!

You are all doing this challenge, whether you bought a challenge pack or not. Be sure to let us know if you want to sneak in a few extra classes. IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Check out MEALLOGGER to see what your CPM friends are eating during this challenge and to log your meals and stay on track!

Start = April 18th
End = May 14th

*Everyday. Every single class, including all yoga classes, we will have a portion of class dedicated to your ABS! We are literally going to ROCK YOUR CORE! Expect an intelligently designed program to engage, strengthen and hit every part of your mid section. From your rectus abdominis, obliques, hipflexors, low back, etc… You will get stronger, tighter, not to mention work what most consider the most important feature of getting in shape, the abs! Summer is really just around the corner:)

What do you need to do?
Come to more classes! We are springing off the PnP Challenge (Jan/Feb) and +1 Pass (Mar) and offering another killer upgrade opportunity. Introducing…

Upgrade Your ABS…
1 pack = $15
2 pack = $24 (12/class)
4 pack = $40 (10/class)
6 pack = $49 (8.16/class) *best value & best abs

You can use these classes at anytime during the length of the challenge, 4/18- 5/14. Simply check our schedule online and map out the month of classes you are committed to attending. You can mix up the purchase; for example, 10 classes extra is a 6 pack + 4 pack…


Holiday Schedule

Memorial Day – Monday, May 30th
8:30 am – CPM Grind
9:30 am – CPM Grind

Which CPM location you ask?ย That’s up to you CPM members. We want your vote…. Murph at CPM Western Mall (the usual)? Murph at CPM DTSF? If the weather is nice boy it would be nice to run outside! Look for a place to cast your vote at the gym soon!


Are You Spousing During Class?

If you haven’t already noticed, we have lots of couples at CPM. Some of them religiously workout together while others rarely ever attend the same class. A few of the couples like to stand next to each other when they workout and others prefer to be on the opposite side of the room (or at least they usually end up that way). Regardless, at some point, one of the spouses is going to “spouse” the other one during a workout. We’ve seen it many times.

You didn’t do 50 reps?
You aren’t squatting low enough.
Put a little more weight on the bar.
You are wearing that today? (ok, this one probably doesn’t get vocalized)

I could go on and on. I’ve actually seen a few arguments stem from comments made in the middle of a WOD. Pretty sure it’s happened to me personally too. Things can get a little heated between you and your partner when you are heating up from the workout. So is it a bad thing or a good thing? I really think it depends. If the spousing is happening out of annoyance because a partner is getting “beat” by another during a workout, then it’s maybe not such a good thing. However, simply stating that maybe you could put a little more weight on the bar isn’t such a bad thing, right? Unless, of course, they really shouldn’t put more weight on the bar!

In any case, we love our couples at CPM. If my husband walked in the door, sweaty from a workout, I’d be jealous and would want to get to the gym ASAP. Keep working out together… it’s good for the body, the mind, the soul and your family ๐Ÿ™‚


The Oboard Says..
Part A.
EMOTM 10min
ODD: 20 Wt OH Situps
EVEN:20 Side Arch Ups
Part B.
For time:
1 round of:
100 Double Unders
50 Squats
25 Push Press
Then, 2 rounds of:
60 Double Unders
30 Squats
15 Push Press
Then, 3 rounds of:
40 Double Unders
20 Squats
10 Push Press

Posted by: Emily