What Is The Real Challenge?

What Is The Real Challenge?

Whole Life Challenge

The challenge starts this Saturday and I’ve been thinking a lot about the real challenge with the WLC. Is it the exercise, nutrition, mobility, sleep? Lisa, Courtney and I are leading a small group of women through this challenge. There has already been a lot of discussion within the group about meal prep. So I’m going to guess that the real challenge is going to be….


It’s no surprise that we struggle to eat healthy. Halloween candy is out and pumpkin lattes are everywhere. The other night I drove to Montrose for a football game after school then I drove to Canton to coach volleyball at 7:30 pm. What did I eat for lunch and dinner? Monster trail mix from Target. That’s right. Count that as a big old zero on a day of nutrition in the challenge.

So what will I do about it? Meal planning. I have some handy dandy stickers that I put on my fridge with my weekly meal plan. I review my calendar for the week to see which nights I am actually home to make a meal. I allow myself to grill or cook something those nights. The other nights have to be either casseroles prepped on Sunday or crockpot meals. I put my plan on the fridge so I never have to ask… what are we having for dinner tonight? Also, I’ve given myself a break on some of the foods and started adding things like tator tot casserole back into our diet. It’s better than Dairy Queen!

And for the record, I did have taco soup at home in the crockpot but the trail mix was sitting right next to me! 😫

Use your coaches as a resource, reach out to your team and make this an awesome challenge!

~Mother Plucker

AMRAP 30 – Partners
20 Burpee Pull-ups
10 Man Makers
400m Run Slamball/Burpee Relay