What To Do When You are Frustrated with YOU?

Yoga is much more than stretching.

We all have good days an bad days. The trick to moving ahead in life is not to just string more of the good days together it is what we do with the bad days.

Mistakes, failures and set backs are all a necessary part of the process for growth. The hard part is they all suck and hurt. It is not fun to miss, make mistakes, swallow our pride…

Mistakes and setbacks are tests for us to see what we are made of. But sometimes we get in a rut and it’s really hard to crawl out of it.

Here are some thoughts about ‘What To Do When You are Frustrated with YOU?’

Take a Look Back

Your journal doesn’t lie (you do journal, don’t you??), pics don’t lie, your words will tell you the truth. How you think and feel in the present is subjective, it can trick you to thinking that how you are feeling at the time is right and not the actual reality of the situation. We have often gone through the same issues before in our lives but continuing to make the same mistakes is a BIG mistake. Why? Well until we learn from our past we will continue to repeat it. Sounds so simple but in the heat of the moment you must remember what you have learned in the past or you are in danger of repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Keeping a journal and reflecting on your experiences can be a crucial tool for your future growth.

Take a Look Forward

If you did you job capturing the past, you have some actual data to help you forecast the future. Use that to your advantage. It can help you plan, teach you and motivate you to move forward. You can actually have an idea what the future can hold for you because you have already walked down the path. When we have a map (goals) for our lives that are realistic and stretches us we are halfway home to success and growth.

Help Someone in Need with a Similar Problem

I posted a while back about YOU LACK IT… YOU GIVE IT… YOU GET IT. We all get caught in our own head of negative thoughts that create self sabotage in our lives and hold us back from achieving our goals. Most of the time your friends will try to pick you up by telling you how great you and even tho that may be true it doesn’t always work. When we give someone else what we are lacking you not only help the other person but end up helping yourself a whole lot more. The trick is we all have the answers to our own problems. We just let them stop us because we can’t get out of our own head. But when we help someone else in need we get out of our head and uncover the true answers inside of us and end up learning by helping. What a powerful concept!

Get Out of Your Normal Routine!

When we do the same things everyday (get up at the same time, make coffee/go to coffee, go to work, have lunch, drive home) it is easy to get caught up in the same web of thoughts and behaviors. If things are not going your way, STOP and get a change of surroundings. Take a day trip to the beach, mountains or some where scenic. Go visit an old friend out of town. Just shake things up. We are most inspired when we are not doing our normal routine.


It is more than proven that exercise does wonders for your mental health. How great do you feel after a great yoga class? A kick butt workout?! Or a nice long hike/run? Your body and mind are supposed to work together. Get them on the same page by exercising both your brain and your body. It will restore and rejuvenate you in ways that if you would of know how great you feel afterwards you would have done it a long time before.