What’s Happening at CPM!

What’s Happening at CPM!

Sleigh The Rower 3.0

The annual Sleigh the Rower Challenge begins Friday, November 27th and goes through Thursday, December 24th. Start thinking about how many meters you’re going to challenge yourself to this year! Get the details HERE.

Black Friday Flannels

CPM would like to invite you to hang out and enjoy a couple drinks on Black Friday starting at 6 pm. We will wear flannel shirts and hang out downtown from the warmth of our gym, CPM 2.0. Flannel shirts are not required but a fun attitude is!

Reflections by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFITness.

1. I like clusters! I actually really do. In fact, I want us to squat clean a lot more. The key is keeping the bar close to your body so you can safely and effectively drop into that squat. Here is a great video. Click HERE.

2. My goal for December is to get our members really good at spotting a backsquat. Here is a video of Jeremy backsquatting 335. Check out his squat depth. Very impressive and he let me spot him. Even more impressive!

3. I’m heading to Arizona with a couple friends this weekend and we are hiking Camelback Mountain on Friday. I just looked at pictures of the mountain and now I’m rethinking the whole thing 😉


4. And finally, are you doing the rowing challenge? I’m doing it but haven’t decided on the meters yet. 100,000 seems about right. I hope all of you sign up because I would like some company while I’m rowing 🙂

The Oboard Says..
200 m Run
20 Double Unders (5 Burpees)
20 Weighted Walking Lunges
400 m Run
40 Double Unders (10 Burpees)
40 Weighted Walking Lunges
800 m Run
80 Double Unders (20 Burpees)
80 Weighted Walking Lunges
1k Row
Posted by: Emily