What’s Happening at CPM? Find Out Here!

What’s Happening at CPM? Find Out Here!

Awesome Abs April (AAA) Challenge!

You are all doing this challenge, whether you bought a challenge pack or not. Be sure to let us know if you want to sneak in a few extra classes. IT’S NOT TOO LATE! Check out MEALLOGGER to see what your CPM friends are eating during this challenge and to log your meals and stay on track!

Start = April 18th
End = May 14th

*Everyday. Every single class, including all yoga classes, we will have a portion of class dedicated to your ABS! We are literally going to ROCK YOUR CORE! Expect an intelligently designed program to engage, strengthen and hit every part of your mid section. From your rectus abdominis, obliques, hipflexors, low back, etc… You will get stronger, tighter, not to mention work what most consider the most important feature of getting in shape, the abs! Summer is really just around the corner:)

What do you need to do?
Come to more classes! We are springing off the PnP Challenge (Jan/Feb) and +1 Pass (Mar) and offering another killer upgrade opportunity. Introducing…

Upgrade Your ABS…
1 pack = $15
2 pack = $24 (12/class)
4 pack = $40 (10/class)
6 pack = $49 (8.16/class) *best value & best abs

You can use these classes at anytime during the length of the challenge, 4/18- 5/14. Simply check our schedule online and map out the month of classes you are committed to attending. You can mix up the purchase; for example, 10 classes extra is a 6 pack + 4 pack…

Holiday Schedule

Memorial Day – Monday, May 30th
8:30 am – CPM Grind
9:30 am – CPM Grind

Spring Running Update

I told you a few weeks back that I’ve been trying to run a few times each week. I thought today I would give you a little update. I’ve been fairly consistent with running on Sundays. I do the CPM workouts Monday – Friday and usually by Saturday I need a day off. Sunday has worked really well for me to do a 4-5 mile run. Something I’m doing different this time is that I’m not timing myself. I used to watch my pace like a hawk. I’ve been tempted to time myself but am sticking with my plan of not doing that. Turns out my runs have been much more enjoyable. I run on country roads by my house and have enjoyed the scenery. Did I appreciate that before? I don’t think so. I was too focused on my watch to notice anything else.

I have days at CPM where I don’t feel like being timed either. I look at the class roster and think “my gosh, everyone coming to class today is fast…. ugh!” I’ve gotten over the idea of trying to finish first. There are so many variables in the workout… what weight are people using, are they scaling movements? All of this factors into a person’s score on the board. So I don’t worry about finishing last. The person who finished last, ultimately got more of a workout than the rest of us in a sense, right?

So let’s hope this rain passes and I can share with you that I ran 3 days next week 🙂


The Oboard Says..
Part A.
In 10 minutes…
200 Situps
*every 50 situps do 5 Toes to Bar*
Part B.
For time:
20 calories rowed
25 box jumps
30 overhead squats
–rest 90 seconds–
25 calories rowed
25 box jumps
25 overhead squats
–rest 90 seconds–
30 calories rowed
25 box jumps
20 overhead squats

Posted by: Emily