What’s Happening at CPM!

What’s Happening at CPM!

+1 Post Challenge Special

Lets be honest… The PnP Challenge went great! Attendance went up! You committed to the principles of the nutrition guidelines and you succeeded. It was all focused on forward progress not little setbacks. With the success of the challenge we would like to extend a special upgrade to ALL MEMBERS! Introducing the +1 Pass Special.

You have until March 15th to upgrade your current membership. Here are your 2 options:

A. +1 (just like the challenge)
Take your current membership and add an extra class every week for 30 days.
For ex: If you are 3x/wk you would +1 that and workout/yoga 4x/wk.

Cost = $40 (that is 4 extra classes for $10 per)

B. Unlimited Pass (the Super+)
No matter the membership you have (2x, 3x) here is your chance upgrade to unlimited for a 30 day period.

Cost = $60 (that is ALOT more classes; the more you use, the less cost per class:)

Supplements and Sweatshirts

First the sweatshirts. We put in another order for the extremely popular CPM Sweatshirts. If you would like one, check with your coach to see if we have your size!

We will be placing another SFH order in March. Watch the board to get your name in on the pre-order!

Are You A Cheater?

I’ve wanted to write about this topic for a long time but it’s a touchy subject. Well, I’ve decided now is the time. I’d like to know… are you a cheater? What sort of cheater am I referring to? Well, let’s put it this way.

Do you do less reps than the required number just to finish your workout faster?
Do you inflate your reps just to have a higher number on the board?

It happens all of the time. If you are a cheater and you think no one notices, guess again. People notice. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes it’s not but, as a coach, I hear about this A LOT. Whether they want to admit it or not, members pay attention to what other members are doing. Who do we pay attention to the most? Those who regularly finish first or get the most reps. If you are a regular on the leaderboard, people are paying attention to your workouts.

So why do they do it? Competitiveness? Just plain stupidness? I’m honestly not sure. I’ve seen a few cases where the member HAS to know that they didn’t finish the entire workout, yet they walk over with their crazy time… like Rich Froning couldn’t finish in that time! I think what confuses me the most is that everyone should want to get THE BEST workout possible each and every day they walk into the gym. So why would you want to short yourself on reps or movements just to “win” a workout. No one really cares if you win, they really don’t! Who do members love the most? Those finishing last with determination to get that workout done even though the rest of the class has already finished and put away their equipment. That’s who we love.

Start to give your workouts some thought. If a workout is for time, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be adding a little weight to your movement to challenge yourself. Sure, you might not finish first but is finishing first what’s it is all about? NO! If a workout is for reps, are you doing legitimate movements? I’ve seen some ridiculous squats just so people can get through those reps. Short squats aren’t going to get you that butt you want ladies! Do they movements and do them well. Stop worrying about having the best number on the board. It really DOES NOT MATTER.

Great job CPM members. I love watching all of you work out… cheaters and all 😉


The Oboard Says..
In 30min complete as much work as possible following this ascending pattern:
10 Burpees
100m Run
20 Burpees
200m Run
30 Burpees
300m Run
*Burpees to Plate*”
Posted by: Emily