What’s New in the Cue…

#CPMGO Party

November 16th at 5pm.

We are getting all the goodies put together. Be ready for some good food, music, friends and fun.

We will announce the winners to our cpm360 Nutrition Challenge winners around 6pm. We will also be announcing some great upcoming programs and events happening late in the year and early 2014.

Here are all the details to SAVE THE DATE…
When: Saturday November 16th.
Time: 5pm.
Where: CPMFITness
Who: Members, Friends of Members, Family, Mall Walkers, our friends from California, Happy, Motivated, Ambitious People in Sioux Falls.

CPM360 Challenge Update

Monday was another motivating, eye-opening and highly information meeting for the CPM 360 Nutrition challengers. We covered 2 very important questions that effect all of us in our lives, especially those who are drastically changing the way they eat and view food…

1. Why do we crave the foods that we crave?
2. How do control if not eliminate craving the bad foods we want?

When tackled the history of cravings. How to use them for good versus allowing them to control you. The problem with how we view food in today’s society. And what are soem tips, strategies and viewpoints on how to not only survive but thrive!

If you would like more info visit a recent blog post that touched on this more, GOT CRAVINGS back in late July.

Congrats to our weekly mini challenge winner Candy Bergst. Candy also received a 1 hour massage from our resident chiropractor Ben Oien from Oien Family Chiropractic.

You are welcome to join us this coming Monday to discuss another vital topic to your success. Time Management. And this is not the same old advice you typically hear. We will uncover many myths, truths and teach you how to create, make and leverage your time. Don’t miss this!!!

Next Supplement Pre Order is Up

It’s been about a  month.

Are you getting low on your Recovery Mix?
Want to try a new Fish Oil Flavor?
Did you miss the order last time and want to get in on the goods?

This coming Friday October 25th. We will be placing our next pre order with SFH. Take advantage of the highest quality FISH OIL, POST WORKOUT RECOVERY AND PROTEIN POWDER on the market.

Sign up’s are on the board in the changing room.

The O-Board Says…

A) 5 rds, each for time on the 3:00:
200 run 5 Hang Pwr Clean + 5 Hang Sq Clean
*each set goes down 1 rep and increase weight.

B). CORE Down
3 Rounds for Quality:
10 Side Leg Raises
20 Side Angle Kicks
25 (4 ct) back kicks
25 (4 ct) flutter kicks

Post by Chris.