What’s Sup!

What’s Sup!

I’m not a huge fan of taking lots of supplements. Why not? I actually had to think about this for a second… and honestly, I think it’s because I’m too cheap! Supplements are super expensive and often times they are gimmicks. Rather than spending money on something to “supplement” my diet, I try to eat healthy. Plain and simple. Between Chris, Annie and Nicole, I’m definitely the worst at eating healthy. No doubt about it. But I do my best 😃 I’m on no medications, as strong as ever and I rarely get sick… can’t think of the last time I was sick?? So if you are interested, here is what I take to supplement my diet.

What I Take

Restore – I was told to listen to a podcast (thanks Reed) with Dr Zach Bush. It discussed gut health and the effects glyphosates have on our bodies. He developed a product called Restore to help fix the problem. After listening to this podcast, I was sold! Click HERE to give it a listen.

Apple Cider Vinegar – I take a shot of this every morning. Every now and then it goes down wrong 😳 It can be hard to recover from that! So many benefits that you’ve already heard this week. At one time I heard it helps to whiten your teeth. I drink a lot of coffee so something as simple as this to help whiten is definitely on my list!

SFH Recovery or Pure Whey – I like a protein shake after my workout. I combine this with a little creatine to help with recovery. It works great for me!

Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine is probably the most researched supplement in history. It’s effects have been proven. A lot of women avoid creatine because they fear water retention. I’ve taken this for about a year now and, although I don’t have proof, I’m pretty sure I can thank creatine for my 170 lb clean & jerk 😉 The creatine I take is super cheap. Around $17 a bag and it lasts me a long time!

NO PILLS! I won’t do it. #sorrynotsorry

No vitamins, nothing else for me! If you are thinking of adding a pre or post workout supplement to your regime, please research it before you spend 💰

Workout of the Day Part A. Barbell Split Squats

Part B. 20min Alt. EMOM (partner)
ODD = 10 Air Squats + 10 Pushups
(combine meters for score)