What’s Your Why?

What’s Your Why?

Chris and I have been talking a lot about finding the “why” behind our clients. What do I mean by this? The easiest example is “why does someone want to join CPM?” They want to lose weight…. why? They want to feel better about themselves… why? They want to get their nutrition in check… why? The answers aren’t as obvious as one might think.

We are all driven (or not driven) by something or some things that have happened in our life. If you want to lose weight, what caused you to gain the weight? Do you believe losing the weight will make you happy? Because if you are unhappy for another reason, the weight loss isn’t going to fix that and chances are good that you will gain the weight back.

Personally I’m trying to figure out the why behind my competitiveness both in work life and home life. I tend to have a hard time pumping the brakes once I get going on something. I can’t go full blast in every aspect of life so I want to find my why. How can I fulfill my natural drive? How do I set realistic goals for myself based on my family’s schedule?

Every morning when I walk out the door, I have a mini-fan club telling me good-bye. They are a small part of my why. My family is a huge part of my why. And all of you at CPM are a part of it too. But what’s the bigger purpose? Time to dig deep and find out.

Have a great week CPM!

Workout of the Day:
A: Back Squat

10 Single Arm OH Lunges (20 total)
20 Alt DB Snatch (50/35)
200m Run