When All Else Fails Just Modify …

Over the past 14 years of my fitness career I have learned many different ways to modify exercises not only in my workouts but my clients as well.

I had shoulder surgery back in May 2010 and that it was so prevalent of the importance of the word MODIFY. I am a workout fanatic and the thought of resting is not in my element of thinking! So what did that leave me with …. modification. I had surgery on a Wednesday and by Thursday I was back to working out. We can still get our heart rate up, feel good, and avoid the injured area.

Just because my shoulder was injured, didn’t mean I couldn’t use my legs, butt and abs! If there was pullups I did lunges. If we lifted I would back squat. For kettlebell swings I would use my one good arm or perform situps.

My one big fear through out this process, is that I would lose my strength and stamina; but I didn’t!

Other people with injuries, started to see this and instead of taking a break from their workout routine, they modified.

Whatever the workout of the day was, I would turn it into a workout that was attainable to my clients and to me.

I have had members with broken feet, legs, elbows, back issues, shoulders, just plain old tight hips from sitting all day, neck (just about every injury or set back you could have), and they have still managed to get a killer workout and maintain their strength and results in the process.

What limitations do you have that are keeping you from obtaining the goals that are possible?

In the comments below leave any potential issues and I will give you an exercise or workout to modify this!

We sound like a broken record but I will say it again, please utilize your coaches at CPM and keep a very open line of communication and we will be able to accommodate you in ANY way we can!

Now you don’t have to put your results on the back burner or stop doing what you love because of a road block.

The O-Board Says…

5 rounds of:
15 Box Jump Overs
10 kb thrusters, left (53/35)
15 Box Jump Overs
10 kb thrusters, right (53/35)

**Finsher Max Farmer minutes Carry in 6
Posted by: Annie