White Potatoes are Now Whole 30 Approved



So why now? Why have we been advised against white potatoes for so long and now we are able to have them back again?

First off lets get one thing straight, when I say white potatoes I do not mean fries, hash browns, potato chips etc…

We mean straight baked potato or  even mashed is ok.

Here is a great excerpt from the Whole 9 Life about the “why” for white potatoes ….

“Contrary to general belief, potatoes are a nutrient-dense food. If you’re especially active or an athlete, they are a good carbohydrate source (especially post-workout), without any of the potential downsides of grains. To keep the program rules logical and consistent, we could no longer see a reason to keep this one variety of potato out, while allowing things like taro, yuca, or yams”.

We have taken a normal potato ( a good vegetable) and turned it into on of the most processed, fried, preservative enhanced side. Remember the more you break something down by cooking it, frying it, douse it with fat, butter, cheese, bad oils etc … you are no longer keeping the integrity or the purpose for this vegetable.

With anything in life the more simple you keep it the better the results!

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Posted by: Annie