Who Are Your Top 5 Associations?

Who Are Your Top 5 Associations?

They say you can tell a lot about a person by the top 5 people they surround themselves by the most; I truly believe this. Our network is a product of who we are, where we are, and where we want to go with our lives.

Take a look at your current “board of directors” (your top 5 associations) and ask yourself the following questions:

Does your 5 add to your life or take?

You need to surround yourself by people who are going to support you and your goals not be the nay sayers who are keeping you from goals.

For example if you want to get in better shape it is probably wise to find a friend or gym that will push you and help you reach your goals, not the co-worker who eats burger king lunches and frequents happy hours.

Remove the Negative –

It is noise and wasted space, time, and energy to you. It is also DETRAmental to your mental and physical health and wellness! Toxic people are harmful to your success so remove them. Hide Facebook negativity, watch only empowering television, and monitor time with co workers, etc..

In life we have 2 minute friends: These are friends we want to limit our time with to two minutes. We have two-hour friends, and two-week, two-year etc.. Focus spending your time with the 2 year friends and you will experience tremendous growth and a great network of individuals that really add to your life.

Invest Time In Your Relationships:

One of the reasons we dread going back to work on Monday is we don’t feel we’ve spent enough time with the people who matter. We love to use the excuse “I am just too busy”, but really we need to just make it a priority and schedule the time with the people who mean the most to us and feed our soul. We always feel so great after time with them, so put it on the schedule and pencil it in your calendar.

If you’re around someone who is sick, there’s a good chance you’ll get sick. What are you catching from the people around you? Your relationships can be your greatest asset and your greatest adversity depending on who you choose to keep in your inner circle.

Start your day on a Positive note with these helpful tips and your growth will amaze you!

The O-Board Says…

Workout of the Day
Three sets of:
Good Mornings x 6-8 reps @ 3011
Rest 45-60 seconds
Renegade Rows x 5 reps
Rest 45-60 seconds
Half-Turkish Get-Ups x 5-6 reps each arm
Rest 45-60 seconds
Double-Under Practice x 60 seconds

Against a 4-minute running clock:
300 Meter Row
16 OH Med Ball Step up
Mountain Climbers x Max reps
Rest 2 minutes and complete three sets.

Posted by: Annie