Who Do You Ask for Advice?

Who Do You Ask for Advice?

Don’t Get Mad At Me But…

When you need help with something, who do you ask?

I want to make more money ➡️ I seek advice from someone with money
I want to learn how to cook ➡️ I seek advice from a great cook
I want to learn how to hold a handstand for an hour ➡️ I ask a very fit Swedish man

So when you want to get into shape, lose weight or just be healthy…. who do you ask?

🥗 Example #1, diet. Are you asking your overweight friend who happened to lose 10 pounds on a new diet for help? Does this friend lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain weight over and over? If so, maybe you are asking the wrong person. How about asking the friend that has been at a steady, healthy weight for years OR (insert great idea) ask your fitness coach!

🏋️ Example #2, strength. Want to be a better lifter? Find out what has worked for those that are good lifters. This can be a peer at the gym, a coach or even someone online.

Look at that pic posted for this blog. Would you take those two seriously when they talk to you about diet and exercise? Heck yeah! They are strong, healthy and smart. This is what I’m talking about. At CPM, our coaches know what they are talking about and, more importantly, they have applied it to their lives. They are living it!

Don’t get me wrong… asking friends for help is great. BUT ask the right people. I don’t need information on how to be rich from my friend with no money 💸 Want to get fit and strong? Ask your coach! It’s their job and they want to help. 💪

Workout of the Day:

Part A:
Bench Press

Part B:
Partners 15
P1: 5 Bench Press
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

P2: Max doubles