Who is YOUR “Posse”???

Me the next Governor?!?!…Yea right:-0

What defines you and the person you ultimately evolve into is…2 things:

-The books you read or listen too
-The people you associate with

If we want to calculate your potential for increased wealth, we would not look at your current bank balance, cars or property inventory; we would look at the inventory of your quality and high-caliber relationships. Your ability to get to, connect with and establish relationships with important and purposeful people with will be your gateway to any goal, destination or aspiration you have.“Darren Hardy”

We as humans have an amazing ability to play life according to the level of the people we associate with.  For example, it is said that you will make within 15% of your network of friends you surround yourself with. If you hang out with millionaires, you can inevitability be a millionaire. If you hang out with people that make 50k a year, you will make within 15% of 50k. Now that doesn’t just apply to money/career. It also applies to happiness, FITness levels, interests/hobbies, etc… 

Think about it…How positive or negative are the people you are around everyday? Then think about how positive or negative you are everyday? Any correlation?

If you have a burning desire to be better, then do a self check of the people you surround yourself with everyday. 

Are they positive? 
Are they moving forward? 
Do they have goals? 
Are they successful? 

If not, then you really need to think about making a shift on who you hang out/associate with. It maybe a very tough decision, but it may be ‘THE’ defining change that you need to breakthrough and transform your future!

Its your life. You only get one shot to make it count. Its up to you and how bad you want it.