Whole Life Challenge Thoughts…A Point Is Not The Point

Whole Life Challenge Thoughts…A Point Is Not The Point

Whole Life Challenge – Keep Rocking it CPM!

The Whole Life Challenge has been even better than we had hoped. We have 144 people participating on the CPMFITness team. That is so exciting and motivating.  Don’t forget to log your scores every night. We personally love the daily reflections….entertaining, realistic and fun to read. Keep up the great work CPM!

What is Open Gym?

We have a few Open Gym slots on our schedule available to all CPM members. Open gym is a time for you to have access to our equipment and use it as you wish (within reason ;-)) Some members like to use it as a time to do the workout of the day on their own or perhaps do a workout that they missed on another day but really wanted to try. You can also lift weights, practice movements and just chat if you would like. A coach is always available to assist you if necessary. Please let us know if you have any questions!


Week 2 of the Whole Life Challenge… Points

Well, we are on week 2 of the Whole Life Challenge. Personally, this has been my favorite CPM challenge thus far. I love the online “game” of it and I really enjoy achieving points each day. I have to admit I had a little anxiety over losing my first points but now that I have that out of the way, I can focus on having as many perfect days as possible throughout the rest of the challenge. Speaking of points, Chris and I had a good talk about points.

After 4 perfect nutrition days, I had gained an “Indulgence” point. I was excited but also a little confused as to when I should use my point. What I should use it on? Should I use it at all? Because really, a point isn’t the point. I’m feeling really good, finally over the carb flu…didn’t think I would get that but I did. My clothes are fitting better, I’ve lost 5 pounds. So why would I want to eat a cupcake just because I have this extra point on my account?

I finally came to the realization that I shouldn’t use the point just because I can. I should use it because I’m in a situation where it applies and it would be really tough to not indulge a little. Did use of points go as I hoped? No. On Saturday, I use an indulgence point on a breve. This use of a point was perfect. Breves don’t have sugar so I still felt good after it and didn’t crave more sweets. That evening we were at my parents with my family and my mom has peach pie. She continues to talk about how good the crust is. It has a cookie dough consistency. I’M DYING! I finally tell everyone to stop talking about it! I don’t eat the peach pie and I totally regret it. Why? Because the next night we randomly grab some butterscotch m&m’s at Target. For some reason, I try them. They are super sweet and not that good. Definitely not worth the point but it’s too late. I wasted my point on stupid candy when I could have used it on peach pie.

Lesson learned. Sometimes treats are worth the point, sometimes they aren’t. There will be a day when I can no longer enjoy my mom’s homemade peach pie with cookie dough-like crust. So for now, I will use a point on those delicious homemade treats and have no regrets. After all, it’s about finding that balance, right? And for me, balance includes a piece of pie and a breve every now and then. In the meantime, I’m going to kill this challenge!


The Oboard Says…
Partitioned Xeindy
AMRAP 30 Minutes
5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Squats
**1min on**
**1min off**
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