Whole Life Challenge…. Week 6!

Whole Life Challenge…. Week 6!


Don’t forget to wear your costume to the gym on Monday, October 31st! If you dress up, the class will not count towards one of your weekly visits. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Week 6… We Are So Close!

I’m back in this thing. Had a few so-so days last week and I didn’t feel great after them. I also happened to get a minor cold. Is that related to the fact that I was cheating on my diet? Possibly.

So it’s time to take this challenge seriously again. When I was doing REALLY well, I kept asking myself and other people “Why don’t I eat like this all of the time?” But one bad day and, wow, I’m off the wagon. I find it interesting that the one bad day trickles into another bad day and another and another. I wish I knew what triggered this in my life. Why do I care so much one week and not at all the next week?

This week I will:

  • Skip the breves
  • Quit using my fruit bars as a snack. I’m amazingly good at finding ways to cheat on a challenge!
  • No more birthday cake/cookie cake. Seriously, a birthday is one day not one week.
  • Stop making excuses. I’m tired… we are all tired. It doesn’t mean I have a free pass to eat unhealthy. Yes, we have 50 activities each day. Again, I prepped food for a reason. No need to stress eat.
  • Rock the challenge… I’m in it to win it! Winning it on a personal level. It’s not about the points, it’s about feeling great and looking great. And I want BOTH of those things.

So CPM members, will you join me and continue to stay strong during the last part of this challenge? It’s WAY more fun to do this thing together. Perfect points… all week long!


The Oboard Says…
Part A:
Power Snatch
Part B:
1 min AMRAP: Pull ups
Rest 1-min
2 min AMRAP: Wallballs
Rest 2-min
3 min AMRAP: Burpees
Rest 3-min
4 min AMRAP: 7 Wallballs + 7 Burpee Pull-ups
Rest 1-min
2 rounds of:
Run 400m
10 Power Snatch
Posted by: Emily