Whole Life Struggles… We Love to Blame It On Something!

Whole Life Struggles… We Love to Blame It On Something!

Week 3 of the Whole Life Challenge… Challenge Struggles: On Who or What do You Place the Blame?

Week 3 of the challenge. By now we should all be feeling pretty good if we’ve actually challenged ourselves in the WLC. How have you done so far? Has anything gotten in the way of you achieving your goals? From what I have read in the reflections, many participants have had events/struggles/people that have caused them to lose LOTS of points throughout this process (me included). The reflections, possibly my favorite part of the challenge, are really fun to read and I think they can tell you a lot about a person.

So what are these events/struggles/people that cause us to fail? Are they actually the reason we fail or are we looking for a reason to fail? It seems as though a lot of us like to blame our loss of points on something else. But ultimately, it is our own fault that we don’t get our points. I often lose my sleep points on a Sunday or Thursday night when I have to wake at 3:45 am the next day. I like to blame it on my coaching schedule. However, I intentionally set my sleep goal at 7.5 hours because I knew I could manage that by going to bed at 8:15 those nights. So is it my fault that I don’t get my sleep? Absolutely! Same thing goes for eating. Lots of people post about the food that shows up at work, the stressful day they are having, the wedding they attend, and so on. Not that there is anything wrong with indulging and losing points (wedding cake – yep, I’m eating that) but how about taking ownership of the fact that it was your choice to eat the cake. Own it! You had a stressful day at work so you feel the need to have a drink or two or three every night. It’s not your fault, it’s work. Yeah, that makes sense.

So next time something¬†tempts you or you feel as though¬†something is preventing you from meeting your goals, take a look at what is really preventing you from meeting your goals. It’s you. It’s your body and you choose what you eat, what you drink, when you go to sleep… Own it and change it when you aren’t treating your body right.

Keep up the great work CPM! We can truly see physical and mental changes in so many of you. When you do well in a challenge, it shows. GREAT JOB!




The Oboard Says…
5 rounds for time of:
50 Double Unders
15 DB Squat Cleans
15 Burpees
50 Double Unders
*Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Posted by: Emily